How to Identify a Legacy Azure N-central Instance

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Thu Jun 30 21:37:29 GMT 2022


  • Any version of N-central that utilizes a single VHD disk method for installation requires partners to migrate to an Azure instance that utilizes the Azure Managed Disk deployment method.


  • N-able N-central All Versions


  • The previous deployment methods for N-central utilized a single VHD disk method for installation. This would have been uploaded to Azure during the install process.
  • You can identify if you are affected by checking the size of your OS disk in the Azure portal:
Go to Virtual Machines --> N-central VM --> Disks
  • If you ONLY see an "OS Disk" listed, you are running an affected server.
  • If, however, you see multiple "Data Disks" on the above screen, you are not impacted and can continue with N-central upgrades.
  • If you are impacted, you will need to complete a migration to the newer Azure Managed Disk instance type by following the instructions in the N-central Install Guide
  • Once you have restored your N-central server, you will need to call Support, or open a critical priority ticket to have the license reactivated.
  • Other relevant documentation that may be helpful - Rebuild and Restore from Backup

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