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Opt back in to Safeguard Holds in Windows Update

Last Modified Date

2/17/2021 1:57 PM


This policy re-enables Safeguard holds

Safeguard holds prevent a device with a known compatibility issue from being offered a new Windows 10 feature update by using Windows Update. We use safeguard holds to protect the device and user from a failed or poor update experience. We renew the offering once a fix is issued and is verified on an affected device. For more information about safeguard holds, see this article from Microsoft:

In a recent cumulative update from Microsoft they added a new capability to disable the Safeguard Holds that Microsoft puts in place on an endpoint. These two amps can be use dot disable or enable the Safeguard Holds. Created this since it comes up often in conversations around Patch Management why some endpoints don’t show they qualify for a Feature Update while other endpoints do. 

"Enable this setting when Feature Updates should be deployed to devices without blocking on any safeguard holds. Safeguard holds are known compatibility issues that block the upgrade from being deployed to affected devices until the issue is resolved. Enabling this policy can allow an organization to deploy the Feature Update to devices for testing, or to deploy the Feature Update without blocking on safeguard holds."

"Opting out of a safeguard hold can put devices at risk from known performance issues. We strongly recommend that you complete robust testing to ensure the impact is acceptable before opting out,"


Automation Policy


Windows Configuration

Target OS

Windows 8/8.1;Windows 10;Windows Server 2012 / 2012R2;Windows Server 2016;Windows Server 2019

Compatible with N-central


N-central minimum version


Compatible with RMM



This policy has been created by Lewis Pope from the Sales Engineering team at N-able. 

If run, it will enable the registry flag to opt back in to safeguard holds.
Note that another article exists in the automation cookbook to opt out of safeguard holds.



the script does not produce any usable output


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