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Software Added or Removed Monitoring

Last Modified Date

10/2/2020 2:55 PM


This monitoring has been built to look for any added or removed software on the local computer. it compares the list of programs to the last time it ran and then provides a list of changes


Custom Service / Script Check


Third Party Apps

Target OS

Windows 8/8.1;Windows 10;Windows Server 2012 / 2012R2;Windows Server 2016;Windows Server 2019

Compatible with N-central


N-central minimum version


Compatible with RMM



Can be used with RMM or N-Central as is.
AMP will populate a list of everything installed on a system, store it locally and then compare that list on a subsequent run of the Service Monitor/24x7/DSC. Also checks to see if the OS Revision has changed since last run and suppresses failure statuses to avoid unnecessary noise because of Microsoft adding/removing items during Feature Updates.



N-Central will output ‘Unknown’, ‘No Changes’, or ‘Software Added or Removed’. You can check C:\Windows\Temp\softwarechangesSW.txt on the local device to see what was added or removed.

RMM will fail the 24x7/DSC and return a list of software added or removed to the More Information output


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