How to enrol an iOS device in Mobile Device Management

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Thu Aug 26 14:44:46 GMT 2021


  • I have configured a certificate in Apple Device Management
  • I want to enrol an iOS device in MDM


  • N-able RMM
  • Apple Device Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • iOS


  • To enrol an iOS device in the RMM dashboard:
  1. Navigate to the Mobile Devices tab
  2. Click Add Mobile Device
  3. Select the client and site you want to enrol the device against
  4. Give the device a name and fill in the device holder's information
  5. In the Email Address field, enter an email address that is already in use on the device
  • To complete the enrolment on the device:
  1. Open the provisioning email
  2. Click/press on the click here link
  3. In the webpage that opens, click/press the Download for your iOS device button
  4. Click/press Allow in the confirmation dialog, then click Close
  5. In the Settings app, click/press on Profile Downloaded
  6. Click/press Install to complete installation of the profile and enter your password/passcode if prompted
  7. Click/press Trust to confirm that you want to install the profile
  • The device will now show up as managed device in RMM

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