N-central no longer communicates with external application server since upgrade to 2022.5

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Mon Aug 01 08:27:41 GMT 2022


  • Since upgrading to N-central 2022.5, the server no longer communicates with external application servers such as Report Manager, Helpdesk Manager, external SQL servers or On-Premise PSA servers


  • N-able N-central 2022.5 or higher


  • This mainly affects Windows Server 2012 R2 and older operating systems as they no longer meet the cipher requirements for communication with N-central 2022.5
  • Changing the Network Security Feature in N-central does not resolve this issue. That section is for agent communication only.
  • Windows Server 2016, fully updated or higher is required
  • Affected Server Examples
    • Report Manager
    • Helpdesk Manager
    • Connectwise (onPremise)
    • Custom PSA Solutions
    • SQL Servers configured using Data Export
    • LDAP or Active Directory (Those running an ECDSA certificate may function normally)
  • TLS 1.2 is required as is the following ciphers
  • ECDSA Ciphers required (LDAP and Active Directory)
  • Additionally, if you have your HDM server not on IIS but running on Apache Webserver, please ensure that the ciphers are in place and the correct order within the¬†tomcat_server_template file and restart.

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