Where to download the latest AV Defender removal tool

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  • In some scenarios, a standard uninstall of AV Defender may not be possible, or a cleanup may be necessary to reinstall it.
  • In these scenarios the removal tool is available to clean these installations up.
  • Some scenarios this is useful in include:
    • The device is no longer managed by N-central and needs to be have AV removed (but tamper protection or password is preventing uninstall)
    • An installation or upgrade has failed and a clean state is required to reinstall.


  • N-able N-central
  • AV Defender and higher


  • The latest AV Defender removal tool can be downloaded from this link:
  • To run the tool you can either invoke the exe from an elevated command prompt (with no parameters), or you can set up a scripting task in N-central to run this remotely on the endpoints you wish to run the removal tool on.
    • It is recommended for best results to run the removal tool in Safe Mode whenever possible.
  • Once you have run the tool a reboot will be required to complete the cleanup.
  • You may also want to verify that the files and registry keys associated with AV Defender are removed after you run the tool.
  • The steps to check this can be found here .
  • If you run into issues running the removal tool in normal mode, try running it in safe mode and see if you get better results.
  • Additional instructions provided by Bitdefender can he found here, including additional command line where the password is required. There is also commands for bypassing the password.

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