Is Patch Management supported on Windows 10?

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  • Is Patch Management supported on Windows 10
  • Patches are installing automatically on Windows 10 Home / Professional editions


  • SolarWinds RMM
  • ControlNow
  • Patch Management
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Home / Professional / Enterprise


  • Windows Update behaves differently in Windows 10 as compared to earlier Windows versions:
    • Windows 10 Home edition does not fully support managing Microsoft patches
      • Missing patches will be reported and installation can be triggered from Patch Management
      • Windows Update automatically installs patches on Windows 10 Home
      • This option cannot be changed by normal configurations, so Patch Management cannot be used to defer updates
      • Third-party patches can still be applied by Patch Management in the normal way
    • Windows 10 Professional/Education is supported for Patch Management
      • It is possible to defer installation of patches on Windows 10 Professional/Education by performing ALL of the following steps:
    • Windows 10 Enterprise is supported for Patch Management
      • Please configure the Enterprise environment in the same way that you would for Windows 10 Professional/Education
    • Note: If a patch has been delayed, or not installed, and the patch lifecycle is exceeded, Windows 10 Professional/Education and Enterprise will automatically install the patch, even if deferred.
    • NOTE: If a certain classification of patch has been deferred, these patches will not be found by Windows Update, thus PME may not find the patches either.
    • PME's addition of the AUOptions and NoAutoUpdate registry keys makes sure that all patches are found by Windows Update and PME, but no patches are installed automatically by Windows Update until outside of the lifecycle.
  • Patch Management can still be installed to utilise downloading of third party product updates
  • If using a Site Concentrator (Bandwidth Saver in ControlNow) you need to keep in mind how the above OS versions of Windows 10 work with our Patch Management software
  • You can use Site Concentrator to install patches for Windows 10 machines for Enterprise and Professional editions

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