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Monitor Most Recent File in Folder for Age - NC

Last Modified Date

1/15/2021 7:53 PM


This was built during the January 2021 Automation Office Hours. It is an automation policy for N-Central that can be created into a custom service 

The purpose of the script is to look in a selected folder and look for the age of the most recent file.


Custom Service / Script Check


Windows File System

Target OS

Windows 8/8.1;Windows 10;Windows Server 2012 / 2012R2;Windows Server 2016;Windows Server 2019

Compatible with N-Central


N-Central minimum version

12.1 sp1

Compatible with RMM



To use this:
1. import the automation policy to your N-Central server,
2. then go to Administration / Service Management / Custom Services.
3. From there click on Add / Automation Manager Policy
4. in there find the policy that you uploaded in step 1, and go through the tabs to configure the desired inputs/thresholds/scan intervals
5. save the service and use like any other service


The policy outputs 2 parameters. One is the file age, and the other is the full file path of the file found


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