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You’re in this business to make money (and to provide outstanding IT service). Yet, too often, help desk software eats into profits by tying engineers up in overhead. N-able® MSP Manager™ breaks this pattern by giving you the ability to capture the critical elements you need without bogging you down in minutia. MSP Manager helps you provide value that keeps your clients loyal.

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Create and assign service level agreements

A service level agreement (SLA) is a contract between the service provider and the customer that defines the level of service expected from the service provider. MSP Manager uses SLAs to sort tickets, send email notifications, and report on...

Change the currency, date format, and time zone

How do I change my currency, date format, and time zone?

Create customer access groups

Use Customer Access Groups to limit technician access to selected customers. Create unique groups of customers, and apply those groups to one or more technicians, giving them explicit access to only that group of customers. All customers not included...

Create multiple ticket mailboxes

If your company uses more than one email address for support, you can create multiple mailboxes for each address and assign them to specific customers. Choose which mailbox you want to send responses from when emailing customers from inside a ticket.